Ever wondered what successful people do to achieve what they want in life? Well, we’re laying out the habits of successful people to inspire you to get ahead too!

Habits of Successful People

Have A Personal Mission In Life

A personal mission statement is a powerful tool to reach your goals. For you to do this, it’s a good idea to “start with why?” just as the author and inspirational speaker Simon Sinek says in one of his books.

Reflect on what’s important to you, what you believe in, and what you aspire to be.

When you have a personal mission statement, it can help you say no to things that are not aligned with your goals. You’re able to clearly focus on what you want to do or achieve in life.

successful people mission statement

Wake Up Early

A lot of highly successful people wake up at the crack of dawn like Oprah Winfrey and Apple CEO Tim Cook. Actually, Tim wakes up at 3:45 AM!

In fact, a study of 177 self-made billionaires showed 50% of them wake up 3 hours before a typical workday begins.

While most of us would say waking up early seems impossible in our busy lives, it’s worth considering.


It can help make us healthier and happier. In fact, a 2019 study showed those night owls who readjusted to become morning people had better cognitive and physical performance after just three weeks. Moreover, they felt less tired and depressed.

wake up early to be successful

Start Your Day With A Calm Mind

When you wake up, it’s essential that you set the tone right for your day. And that means starting the day with calm, clarity, and focus.


First off, break the habit of checking your phone as soon as you wake up (unless it has the alarm). It’s because you’d be tempted to just scroll on your newsfeed, losing valuable time and momentum.

If you need inspiration, world-renowned brain coach Jim Kwik shares his morning routine you might want to follow. As soon as he wakes up, he starts the day with gratitude. He then makes the bed, goes to the kitchen to drink a glass of water, and meditate.

Speaking of meditation, it has some awesome health benefits that can help you towards success and becoming a better person. Besides this, it can help you come up with new ideas or what brain scientists call “divergent thinking.” And who knows, one of those ideas just might turn out to be brilliant!

meditation is a good habit for successful people

Get Your Body Moving

Successful people exercise regularly! Whether it’s working out or playing sports, leading an active lifestyle helps them become more productive.

There are many things you can do to get your body moving. It can be just doing chores or dancing to music videos. If you want an accountability partner, you can get a gym instructor or try online fitness coaching.

Remember, this is about you moving towards your best self, developing good habits to help you become successful. The keyword here is moving.

online fitness coaching

Try New Experiences

Trying out new things is one of the habits of successful people that’s exciting. Plus, it’s great because new experiences expand your comfort zone and enable you to develop new skills and interests.

So, if you feel like learning a new language, doing something daring like ziplining, or just trying out a new sushi restaurant, go ahead.

Successful hypnotherapist and integrative life coach, Carla Chalah of Hemisphere Hypnotherapy and EveryBody in Mind Wellness Center describes her first experience of zip lining as being thrilling and completely out of her comfort zone! “Even though I used to be afraid of heights, I realized how good it felt to push outside my comfort zone and do something daring!”

Carla Chalah zip lining

Be Thankful

Top business and life strategist Tony Robbins has a fitting quote for this, “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

And that feeling of abundance can manifest itself in your life. You begin to notice opportunities and take advantage of them.

It takes conscious effort to choose to be grateful no matter what. But taking time to reflect on what’s good in your life today makes a huge difference in how you’d see your life tomorrow.

gratitude is the best attitude of successful people

Embrace Self-Care

In order for you to be successful, you need to be taking care of yourself.  If you keep hustling day in and day out, sooner or later you’ll be burned out.

Self-care isn’t an indulgence, it’s essential for you to thrive. That’s why Everybody in Mind Wellness Center has various services and technologies that promote self-care.

Some interesting ways to practice self-care would be getting a massage, experiencing EveryBody in Mind Wellness Center’s crystal bed, Ajna Light, Celluma, or Somadome meditation pod. You could possibly also consider getting a Reiki session or transformative hypnotherapy session!

successful people have a habit of self care

Keep Learning

It’s important to keep learning so that you can harness your skills and stand out.

Develop a good reading habit. Listen and observe more. Learn from smart people.

These days, the trend is digital marketing. So, if you are skilled in this area it can lead to work opportunities for you.

But aside from learning new skills, we also need to learn from our mistakes and failures so that we can do better next time.

Successful people keep learning

Successful people making learning a habit.

Take Consistent Action

It takes discipline to be successful. That’s why you need to keep doing those little steps to improve your life.

But what if past experiences and emotional trauma prevent you from getting the life you want?

Well, you can seek help from an integrative life coach. An integrative life coach can help you heal from emotional wounds, free you from limiting beliefs, and encourage you to make positive changes in your life. This kind of coaching is dynamic and taps both into the conscious and subconscious mind.

Strive for progress, not perfection.

Now that you have the habits of successful people, apply them and you’re well on your way to building the life you want for yourself and your loved ones.

Take action

Successful people take action.