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Looking for hypnosis or hypnotherapy near me in Sudbury, MA? As the Zen proverb goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Perhaps your search only started today, or perhaps you’ve been considering this change for a while now. By seeking help in your transformational journey, today you are one step closer to becoming a better, more empowered version of yourself. If you’re ready to embark on an adventure of personal metamorphosis, Hemisphere Hypnotherapy in Sudbury MA would be honored to support and guide you through this powerful approach to creating sustainable CHANGE.

Hypnotherapy in Sudbury MA with Carla Chalah - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Owner of Hemisphere Hypnotherapy, including trance with a client.
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Hypnosis enables us to “rewrite” underlying “scripts” – ideas, illusions and limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves. By accessing the subconscious mind, we have the ability to affect the programming within in a positive way to more easily achieve our goals. By better understanding and resolving negative, habituated subconscious patterns that may have been holding us back, hypnotherapy provides a powerful approach to true, lasting change.

Hypnosis near me in Sudbury MA
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Unlike most life coaching that focuses on the rational, analytical and very limited conscious mind, integrative life coaching/hypno-coaching focuses on dynamic, conversational ways of influencing and guiding both the conscious and subconscious mind to facilitate multi-level change work.


Hemisphere Hypnotherapy™, founded and owned by Carla Chalah, is recognized by:

  • American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
  • The National Guild of Hypnotists (the oldest and largest hypnosis certification program in the world since 1950)
  • The HypnoBirthing® Institute
  • International Association of Counselors and Therapists – in alliance with the International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

Hemisphere Hypnotherapy in Sudbury MA is committed to continued education, and research in the field of hypnotherapy, neuroscience and coaching, as an active member of 

  • The International Hypnosis Research Institute.

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Carla changed my life! I had a fear of flying as long as I remember.  I tried  to avoid flying, but when it was unavoidable it was always terrifying for me.  Because of that I could not travel far and limited my vacations to places which I could reach by a car. Finally I decided to do something about it! Just three sessions with Carla and my fear of flying disappeared. Since then I traveled to Israel and Italy, enjoy my time overseas and have no worries about going onto the plane.
Freedom is Wonderful feeling!!!!!!!!!!!

Larysa, P.

Carla’s skills–in listening carefully to a client, providing simple & effective techniques, and recalling the client’s own experiences, wording, & needs—make her an exceptional professional as well as gifted provider.  In the introductory session, Carla explained her approach with clear, understandable examples tied to physiology & behavior. She listened and concisely summarized my needs & situation, then provided a specific plan.  The next six sessions were so well tuned to my overall goals and also to that particular session’s objectives that I always felt purposeful and positive.  Each session, Carla gave me practical techniques based on clear reasoning. I implemented them faithfully to fantastic effect in my work and personal life.  Carla is a consummate professional; truly gifted in her work.  I recommend her to all.

Sonja, D.

Carla 100% changed my life. I cannot be more grateful for this woman and her important work. She came into my life at the most important time when I needed her. I had tried talk therapy, EMDR and nothing was helping. I had struggled with self-confidence, anxiety and on and off depression since I was 13 years old and I can happily say that FINALLY, 21 years later I’m free of it. I never knew life could be this good! I never knew how past experiences had shaped my life in a negative way. A ball of anxiety formed and it made my approach to life very unfulfilling. I am so thankful that I took the plunge in to a new therapy and invested in myself. It was worth every penny and I urge anyone that is feeling like there’s no hope to go see Carla. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you, Carla.

Katie D.

Carla is a Godsend. She helped me deal with old trauma and taught me how to move forward and rid myself of negative habits that no longer serve me. I went in with a bit of skepticism but kept an open mind. I wanted help to be a better version of myself and to treat myself kindly without constant negative thoughts. As a result, I have lost 26 pounds in 14 weeks. It’s a healthy weight loss as I did it without even exercising. I can only imagine how much more I can lose as I just began to walk for exercise. The tools I have learned has also kept my anxiety at bay, and I worry less about things that used to consume me. I can’t thank Carla enough. Having the courage to step into her office and allow her to help me was the best decision I have ever made for myself. For all those skeptics, this process actually works!

Jennifer D.

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing Carla and her work is!!! I decided to seek her services because I felt stuck in my life and had felt this way for years. Decades of talk therapy hadn’t helped. Every aspect of my life opened and shifted during my work with her! She absolutely saved and changed the trajectory of my life. With Carla’s understanding, encouragement, teachings and wisdom, I learned how to disrupt patterns in my life and it has literally enabled me to land a new job, improve my relationships, and feel so much more hopeful for the future. I feel so incredibly lucky and grateful for my work with Carla. She is truly gifted at this work and I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!

Lauren H.


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Everybody in Mind Wellness Center Near me

EveryBody in Mind Wellness Center is a state of the art Holistic Wellness Center established in 2019 by Carla Chalah.


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