Awww, sweets! Those sugar cravings when you’re stressed can quickly get out of hand, right? Now, if you’re looking for a good approach to curb your desire for sweet food, hypnosis for sugar addiction just might be what you need.

Now, let’s first talk about why you’re eating a chocolate chip cookie at 2 in the morning. 

What causes sugar addiction?

There are several possible causes of sugar addiction. Some may be physiological, while others are psychological. 

For instance, one physiological cause is diabetes. When you have diabetes, the cells poorly absorb sugar, so you find yourself hungry and tempted by high-calorie sugary food. Blood sugar levels rise, and you need medicine or insulin to reduce too much sugar.

Another biological cause is hormonal changes, especially in women. According to a 2016 study, women with higher estradiol, a primary form of estrogen, during the luteal phase reported eating more high-carbohydrate and sugary foods.

Interestingly, even poor sleep can make you crave sweet things. Those brain regions that respond to rewards get stimulated when you have trouble sleeping.

On the other hand, some psychological reasons, such as emotional stress, depression, and anxiety, may also cause sugar cravings. In an article published by Harvard, researchers suggested that sugar lowers the stress response in the brain. And a 2021 study confirms that highly anxious people, mostly women, do consume more sugar in their diet.

Now, you might be surprised to learn food and memory are strongly connected. Yes, the smell and taste of your grandma’s cooking years ago still lingers in your subconscious as those negative experiences with food.

sugar addiction cycle

The Sugar Addiction Cycle

Sugar’s Sneaky Names

The thing is, it’s hard to quit something that gives you pleasure, especially when you have a sweet tooth. And it’s even harder because sugar is everywhere.

But, if you’re keen on reducing your sugar intake, take note of these popular hidden sugars in food and drinks:

  • high fructose corn syrup
  • sucrose
  • fruit juice concentrates
  • agave nectar
  • maltose
  • lactose
  • dextrose
  • ethyl maltol
  • muscovado 
  • molasses


Hypnosis for Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is a vicious cycle. You’re stressed, and you hunger for sugary food. After that, you have a sugar rush and then crash. And the cycle repeats itself. 

While you can make many lifestyle changes to break the sugar addiction, you can try hypnosis to help get to the root cause, reprogram your mind, and encourage lasting positive changes.

Through hypnotherapy, those negative thoughts, behaviors, or beliefs about food that are embedded in your subconscious mind can be uncovered. You can get right into the root of the problem and address it directly at the source. 

Plus, your certified clinical hypnotherapist may suggest alternative ideas to deal with your cravings through powerful suggestions and vibrant imagery.

What does it mean to you?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help break your sugar habit. Each hypnosis session can empower you to say no when sweet treats are calling your name. Also, it can help you be more mindful about what you’re going to eat and how much.

You’ll regain control of your eating patterns, curb sugar cravings, and have a healthier relationship with sugar and sweets.

Moreover, hypnosis can also help you deal with other associated issues, such as losing weight, insomnia, and emotional eating.

So, if you want to take control of these issues, consider booking a session with us at Everybody in Mind Wellness Center today. 

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